About us

Founded in 2020 STEVIE CBD presents a holistic answer to help you stay creative, calm and productive. Bringing together luxury and cannabis, STEVIE offers a chill like no other. With products for every experience level, STEVIE has something for everyone looking to add a little balance to their routine.



Our signature CBD tincture is designed to help effectively and safely provide the range of benefits from stress-relieving to anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory qualities. Containing 0% THC, STEVIE tinctures provide all of the relief of natural hemp with none of the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Made with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, our tinctures elevate the CBD experience.



Sourced from a female owned hemp farm practicing organic-regenerative agriculture, STEVIE flower is the highest quality available hemp flower. Our farm's hyper-sustainable practices allow STEVIE flower to bring unique aromatics and taste with each strain and elevation (and without the THC!). STEVIE flower is perfect for you if If everyone's other favorite green is a little too intense for you, or if you're seeking a different type of relief.