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CBD Pre-rolls


STEVIE's five CBD joint packs provide the efficiency of a pre-roll pack and all of the quality of the STEVIE flower. With 3.5 grams of flower in each pack, one joint is good solo or to share. You can expect to feel calm but not impaired, use it as an easy add-on to any self-care routine without the THC. If our other favorite green is a little too intense for you, or if you're seeking a different type of relief, this is perfect for you.

Sourced from a female-owned hemp farm practicing organic and regenerative agriculture, STEVIE CBD flower is the highest quality available hemp flower. Our farm's hyper-sustainable practices allow STEVIE flower to bring unique aromatics and taste with each strain, elevation, and harvest.

 Strain: Sour Space Candy 

Elevation : 200 ft

NOTE: Each of our packs are shipped to be as fresh as possible, from grinding to smoking in your hands, and as a result, some orders can take up to 4 days to ship to ensure the sticky icky. All of our flower contains less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Alexandra Frolova

Stevie hits like no other CBD brands. The joints smell like a delicious hemp candle so you're truly calming yourself inside and out. Other CBD joints make my throat hoarse and dry but these burn really well. Always a joy. Nice to have a reliable source of calm :)

So chill

Really enjoy these CBD pre-rolls. There are so many times that I've used pre-rolls but don't get any effect but these have a mild chill that is subtle yet effective. I also enjoy the packaging-- sleek and sophisticated :)

Faith Hitchon
Just, yes

Listen, I’ve had a lot of CBD and these pre-rolls are the best out there. I’ve shared them with many many people and the obsession reverberates. Not to mention their customer service is *chefs kiss*

Just try them!

Amazing product/packagin

Bought two CBD rolls and came with a great custom packaging, a tote and stickers. Would recommend

Juliane Mahoney

Love these. Total relaxation. Sleep like a baby.